My Rants!

Things That Really Bug Me!


Actually, I don't know what to call this. I'm referring to the inconsiderate people that, having completed their purchase, insist on reorganizing their purse or wallet at the checkstand while others wait behind them. It amazes me that they can be so selfish so as not to notice (or care) that they are holding up the works when they could just step away from the checkstand and complete their reorganization.


This is very much related to my previous rant. This one seems to happen most often in stores like Costco. It involves people who stop inside the doors to put their membership card away, or just outside the doors to put away their receipt, meanwhile making everybody else wait. Once again, these folks are totally unaware, or uncaring, that they are inconveniencing everybody else and that they could avoid the problem by moving a few steps out of the way. By the way, these are the same sort of people that would escape a burning building only to stop just outside to marvel at their good luck in escaping while others burn to death or die of smoke inhalation because they're blocked inside by these selfish people!


Where do I start? No license, suspended license, no insurance, distracted. We get it all here. Some of it, though, is just lazy drivers. Take turn signals, for example. Everyone knows they're supposed to signal before they make a lane change or turn. Is it that hard? If you're in the habit of signalling, it's an automatic response; No thought process involved! I remember as a kid that my dad used to signal at the bend in our driveway. It wasn't because he thought he needed to, it was just automatic. Most drivers, it seems, don't bother to signal at all. If they do signal, it's after they've started their turn. Drivers need to remember that a signal is a warning about what they're about to do and not a confirmation of what they're already doing!


I really hate the little credit cards you get instead of a rebate check. Has anyone ever tried to use one of these? It's quite a scam, really. It seems they only work if your purchase is less than the amount on the card. In other words, you can't put some on your rebate card and some on another card. Say you have a $10 rebate card. You purchase something for $8 leaving a $2 balance on the rebate card. Now you have to buy something for less than or equal to $2 to use the remainder of the card. I'm sure most people never use those small remainders. Can you imagine how much money that adds up to for a large company. It's just wrong. Or maybe it's just me!


I try to be as generous as I can. It rally galls me, though, when I donate money to a worthy cause, only to be placed on their "sucker" list. Now, I know it's a difficult time for fund raising, and I don't mind a solicitation once or twice a year, but some charities seem to hit me up once or twice a week! One of the worst is the ASPCA. Now they're a great organization doing good work, but I wish they'd spend less on postage to send me incessant solicitations that immediately go into my shredder. Or maybe it's just me!

My most current rant is against the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (DWP). I just spent loads of money installing a 7.2 kilowatt solar electrical system on my house. It was finished just in time for the sunniest months of the year. After resolving a minor glitch with the building inspector, I was looking forward to generating a high percentage of my power needs. As Steve Martin would say, But Nooooo! It seems that the DWP must also inspect the system and install a special meter. This would seem not to be a big deal but for one thing; They have about a 90-day backlog and a $10,000.00 fine if I fire it up early. This is happening while the DWP spends money pleading with us to save energy to prevent outages, especially during hot weather.So my $44,000.00 system (about half that after rebates) sits on the roof of my garage gathering dust! I figure this is the equivalent of running sixty 100-watt light bulbs for nine hours every day for no purpose. If the 90-days holds true, I'll be able to fire-up my system about the time the kids go back to school and the days get much shorter!